Macro limit?

Is there a limit to the amount of macros you can have on an account? I have a main, and 2 alts. I make macros for each, but I have noticed that once I reach a certain number of macros, they will no longer import, or I can no longer make edits.

Any insight?


all i know is, theres an 18 macro limit per character

That I know; it just seems that after I have too many GSE macros, I am no longer able to edit or create new ones.

GSE can store an unlimited number of macros. However to be able to use a macro it needs a stub in the /macro interface. This is why you have the create icon / delete icon buttons in the Viewer and why active ones have a ? icon instead of a blue book. Each character can store 18 personal macros and at an account level you can store 120. GSE adds macros to the personal character tab first as you dont often want your pally macro on a druid. It stops adding at 17 to be safe. There is an option on the GSE Options to use Account level macros instead so you would be chewing up the 120 instead of the characters 18.

I really appreciate the response; I also completely understand the macro limit per character. I will try to be more specific. Here is what I have observed: I have 5 characters on my account. I focus on my main; however, I do play all of them from time to time. I have created approximately 3-4 GSE macros per character, well below the 18 macro per character limit.

I have found that once I reach a certain number of macros spread across multiple characters (and those characters are under the 18 macro limit), I can no longer edit existing or create new macros. That is the crux of the issue.

I was just trying to find out if there was some type of limit to a file or function that would prevent me from editing existing or creating new macros after a certain point.


Have you checked out /m?

While GSE will store macros, other addons will also create some macros in your character box.
Vuhdo, Collectme etc all do this

There may be older macros there which may not be read/part of GSE that will limit your macro count too.

As a test I just loaded up 180 macros accross three characters into GSE. I didnt create icons for all of these so there was no more than 5 entries in /macro for each character and no account macros. I couldn’t replicate the problem you are experiencing.

I keep getting you have 18 macros already but none are listed in the GSE box-do I delete the folder on my computer (I have a Mac)?

Your confusion here is on terminology. In GSE you create a Template, from that GSE creates a macro. You can have an unlimited number of GSE templates.

Each template that you want to use needs a stub macro. This is stored in WoW’s /macro storage. There are 18 slots for a character. GSE is telling you that you need to free up a slot in the characters /macro storage.