Macro not working, only get ? mark

Any of the macro I make only have a question mark and do not load.

This actually means it has been loaded. It won’t know what the icon should be until you use it. The ? Is a special WoW Icon for macros that means this icon will change and be updated. If you drag that ? To an action bar and click it it will work.

Here’s a video of me attempting to set up GSE and clicking the button with no success. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. GSE used to function without any issues.

The issue isn’t that the macro is faulty, but perhaps may be a stub issue that is assigned to the macro; this is a hit-and-miss thing I have found depending on to what I am binding the macro.

Here’s what you can try:

1.) Re-create that macro that you deleted and drag it to your bar.
2.) Go into WoW’s macro editor and look at the GSE macro you just remade; look for the first instance of the [button] conditonal and change it to [nobutton].
3.) Save, reload, and try it out on a dummy.

Hope that solves your problem.

Absolutely none of what you wrote there will fix the users problem. Your solutions will just send the player down a rabbit hole of frustration and create more UI issues rather than solving them. Dealing with the CVar in the linked document above is the cause and solution for this problem.

Changing to nobutton will only work if you are using ConsolePort or Bindpad which this player as seen on their linked video is not.

Ah, I must have missed the CVar; I scanned it too quickly.

There is an issue with adding new sequences as they do not show up in the list. I’ve reinstalled GSE and even reinstalled wow. Same behavior.

Now this I HAVE had issues with that in the past–BEFORE I started playing with a controller.

1.) Delete that macro from the macro editor; make sure that its gone. Save and reload to clear it from your cache.

2.) Rename that macro in GSE to something else (other than ‘Fury’). Save and reload again.

3.) Macro should appear at that point.