Macro on a Corsair Keyboard Not Working

I anyone gotten a repeat constantly macro to work on a Corsair Keyboard?

I am using Elfauy’s Improved WW with Strike of the Windlord and Chi Burst. My button cycles to a grayed out Spinning Crane Kick and cycles the Crane Kick over and over and over. No spells are cast at all, just the blinking Crane Kick.

The macro works fine with my Steel Series mouse and my Razer Tartarus. It’s just a Corsair issue.

Thanks for any assistance.

Cheers man

See there is a firmware update on iCUE, on my K57 I don’t have an issue.

Here is my command block

Down 1
Delay 100 ms
Up 1

In the general tab I have delays and keyboard events toggled to on (yellow to the right) and under advanced I have the assignment trigger set to Toggle, with Repeat Constantly. The repeat delay is set to constant at 0 ms.

I have the setting set to toggle


The Corsair Keyboard Macros work with Robert Icebear Prepatch BM (M+ & Raid) (ST & AOE Separated) Highly Optimized DPS Macro.

This appears to be something with the Monk Macro. I will put a request in for the Monk Macro to be looked at.

Hi @oofda33

I don’t think you are seeing my replies. In this thread I provided you with my exact settings for iCUE, did you also do what Tim asked of everybody to run the /console script or change the button mechanic in the macro area? If not that is your issue.

Everybody else is not having issues with the macro, yes there are issues with GSE, and they have publically been mentioned many times. My suggestion is to try those first before complaining because others are not having issues, and I personally use iCUE and I have no issue. As mentioned I also shared my exact settings, the issues you are having are user errors and not macro errors.

Hi Moonsorrow

Yeah, that was weird, when I posted the update I didn’t see any reply. This morning I get on and see one between my comments.

Thank you for verifying your Corsair settings. I have mine set like yours. I have multiple toons and have had to fiddle with the /console script and or sub macros to get the macros to work. Most of them were up and functioning by changing the 1 to a 2 in the subscript.

I have gotten my Druid tank, Demon Hunter and BM hunter to work with the Keyboard so far. I dropped a note in the Monk macro thread to the author to see if it might be in that particular author.

Again, thank you for your reply it is much appreciated.

I figured I would drop some visuals for anyone coming across this thread looking for Corsair help.

I am still playing with the Monk macro and will update if/when I find a solution.

Thanks again Moonsorrow