Macro question finding the original creator

I downloaded a good priest macro and it had the option for myth plus and raid to switch between and now i cannot find it to re do it on the site.
It says the author is Ezarla@Burning Blade. I did a search but I can no longer find the macro nor him.
It is a good macro and I like it but would like to find it so i have the raid option as well.

Thanks all

+1 I too would like to know the author

you mean this macro?

The Macro creator has stopped to publish his work due to big drama. It is sad some ppl cant behave and we loose skilled creators.
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if it is the one that @Daniel just posted. i and other mods have talked to him and that what @Borland1891_2325 says is correct. The trolls on here ran him off. last time we talked, asked him to update us, if he feels he wants to post again.

Dang :frowning: wish ppl could just get along for the good of the macros! His macro is really bad ass i really enjoy it and wanted to ask him some questions about it. that’s really to bad :(.
How do i save his macro to have like a back up incase i mess something up in it or need to reload it?

Thanks all

The one i am using and was wondering about is for holy priest not a shadow.