Macro speed help plz

hey all. so i have this keypad.

i have been using the macros here for years now. i keep seeing people asking about the speed for the macros.

but i have never bothered using that part. does it make a difference in dps if i change the speed of my macros?

so if it would make a difference in my dps. could someone help explain to me on how i would set it up so i can try using it. and maybe make a big difference in dps

Ur macro is set to 50ms according to ur picture…

Speed is always important, some make alot of skills and talents in the macro, that often meen u need higher speed on the macro, if there is less skills, talents and traits in it, u often need lower speed.

Then there is delay in game. Depending on ur own delay ingame… Ur “ms” “response time” in game, usually i always try set 30ms as normal on macros from this site. in GSE. + my own responsetime to worldserver, usually around 30ms. So that meens my dealy always start up with 60ms in config of my mouse or keyboard setup. Then i find myself a dummy, mesure dps over 5-7 min. Then do a test with 100 ms and 150ms delay on my keyboard or mouse software.

If u use AHK, same prosedure… then u can try fine tune it if ur picky with ur dps. adjust around the ms with highest dps during test on dummy.

ATLEAST that’s how i do it… I have no idea how to setup the GSE macros, so i test often 2-3 macros from my class, often depending on ur own playstyle, im LAZY, so i always find a good one. Some problems getting a good one with my feral druid, but some adjustment in gear stats fix it. often more of a secondary change alot, more haste or crit does alot in most classes.