Macro speed vs. Ping


I’ve searched a bit and didn’t found any answer. What is the relationship between macro exec speed and ping.

As example I’ve a 20ms ping and recommendation is as 70ms keypress, what will happen if my ping time
go up to lets say 300ms, logically I need try with 100ms keypress?

thanks for help!

these days it means nothing, especially since Legion when everything went on the GCd.
there are edge case situations where either your input speed is insainly high (like 15ms or lower) or sever lag like 1 second delay, where inputs too fast may cause issues, but in general its nothing to lose sleep over

thank you John, so you’re basically saying, it doesn’t matter if a ping is 20ms or 400ms … I’ve a bit of a feeling on higher pings the keypress times need to be little faster? as example my ping is 350, suggested was a keypress time of 70ms, I’ve tested it with 50ms and got ‘better’ results … but that could be different day to day, so I was asking for more information.

Ping time is now completely irrelevant for MS speed. MS speed only controls how fast a macro will skip through lines not how fast they hit the server or are evaluated.