Macro sudenly stops working

hi, when im in combat either raid or m+ my macros suddenly stops working, nothing happends when i click it, only way to make them work for a time is to do /reload and then it sudenly stops working after some time, this is and issue i have on all my chars, have any one of you guys had this issue?, this started after the last update

I have same issues, sometimes it stops working and I don’t understand why.

Good afternoon TimothyLuke,

The problem I am having the /GSE will not work for me. Every time I try, the game freezes, and I get nothing.

Is this with ALL of your Addons turned off and just GSE running?
Have you cleared out redundant macros under your personal settings?

The vague answer to your vague problem is fix your template and how you are using it. In short slow down the speed of what you are trying to do.