Macro to Sim RaidBots

Here’s a simple macro I made to emulate the raidbots recommended damage per ability. With a 120 iLvl now I can finish a dungeon with 3k overall DPS(tested on a +18).

You will have to apply Hunter’sMark manually as it takes too much time to do it for every new target via macro. I’ve found you lose a significant amount of DPS.

For best DPS/effects launch a Barbed Shot first then go right into the macro.

Single Tgt




Usage Information

Vision Of Perfection Major|| Crucible of Flame, Blood of the Enemy, Essence of the Focusing Iris Minors

I have linked my armory to see the setup I am running with.

hello the macro seems to go well I keep average 3k dps but one question why 20 ms so fast does not skip the macro?

I was gonna ask the same thing. 20 ms seems way to high and is most likely skipping spells and abilities. I’d try and slow it down to at least 100 ms like Timothy Luke has said in his videos and multiple posts here on the Forums and in Discord to see if it’s an improvement.

Also, a link to your Armory and/or Stats would be good because this macro you’ve created works for YOU and very unlikely someone else has the same gear, Talents, play style, etc. will get the same numbers to compare and contrast.

After a few four minute tests here’s my conclusion:
You have AotB Talented, which is good for AoE and Mythic+ scenarios with ok burst and and average DPS compared to the other macros here on the Forums and quite a few gaps in maintaining BS-went almost 10 seconds without BS a few times.

KC Talent is the best choice for all single-target situations so I switched to that and my DPS went up considerably with very good burst and overall a maintained DPS-but the BS uptime was nearly the same.

So, compared side by side to my own Macro that I use it does reasonably well if there were more BS’s included.

one thing I also wonder, I will now 20 times I ask this thing on the forum and no one can answer me, you set automatic ms with ahk or software right. here to now you have to be careful because autoclik could be considered bot for blizzard. I instead play with ms set ok but I manually press the macro without using autoclik.

as long as you do not afk while using ahk, you won’t get banned. pretty sure there is a blue post from blizzard about ahk that says the same.

Hey guys, thanks for the inputs! this is my first time making a macro myself so I’m still learning. That being said I changed the MS to 100 and it did help the numbers a fair bit so I appreciate that.

@gamers not sure if I understood what you meant at the end there but I have the macro assigned to the number 7 and manually click it to use the macro. Not an auto-clicker.

@Deezyl_Fizzlepop the reason the macro is set up as such is because I’ve found a lot of current macros use BS more than I’d like so I reduced the amount in the rotation. This way I can choose to use BS when its running low rather than needing a Re-up on frenzy and not having a BS available.

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their only after the software that is push once, it does the action assigned to the key, and doesnt stop the action til you press the key again, so people that push said button and leave for dinner, vacation, bed, whatever. AHK and mouse software isnt a issue unless you set them to push and walk away mode. this has been explained in a few other forums that i seen.