Macro to target nearest NPC mob but NOT opposite faction player


I am very much a novice at writing/using macros but is it possible to create a macro which will target the nearest NPC mob but NOT a player from the opposite faction?

So many of these World Quests have players from both factions working on them at the same time that it’s very easy to inadvertently target an enemy player. Then before you know it, a fight starts with the other player — when both parties really just wanted to complete the quest.

It would be awesome to have a macro hotkey which functions exactly as the Tab key (Target Nearest Enemy) but only targets NPC’s (ie it will NOT or CANNOT target a player of the opposite faction).


Hello Delmar,

Unfortunately there is none, but there is the other way around. You can target opposite faction players that are flagged by using /targetenemyplayer. For any enemy /targetenemy.