Macro Updates for 9.1 & GSE 3.0

Has anybody had success with Macros updating for GSE3.0 I am having issues importing macros and then most wont work correctly since the update.

My macros weren’t working after a few minutes every login, so I ended deleting the addon folder and all the settings (GSE files under WTF directory), reinstalled the latest GSE release and now it’s working perfectly

Edit: I consider this obvious, but, just in case: if you delete the settings you will loose all your GSE macros

Just want to second the above advice from Zero. I deleted the GSE specific files in my WTF folder and re imported some previous macros and they worked again. I am seeing a few warning fly by in chat. I removed the portions that the warnings mentioned where I could without breaking the main meat of the macro. I think it is a matter of macros needing to be written/altered for the new format. Overall in the end, the reasons for the changes in the new version seem valid. And yes it was like the rug being pulled out from underneath suddenly, but I am sure Timothy will tweak and fix . I appreciate this addon, and like many it helps me enjoy WoW as much as possible with my coordination/motor control issues in my hands.

i have imported a few updated macros and they been working fine so far.

I was using ALL me macros just fine yesterday. Blizzard delivered a hotfix and I updated the GSSE. Now none of the macros are working on any of my characters. I really prefer not to lose all my one button macros. Please help.

Hey you wont lose all your macros even if you delete your GSE add on folders.

This has been posted multiple times but here ya go:

This will roll you back, delete GSE form addons and bang this bad boy in.

I just reimported mine and it worked on 3.0