Macro vs. manual game

as per title I wanted to open a discussion regarding use of wow with macros or without.
my doubt arises from certain things i noticed in game using macros: example
i play hunter bm , and i have always used macros as i feel that for me having to press 5-6 keys and inconvenient for the purposes of dps and being careful what happens on screen. with macros with 2 keys do the doubt does not arise in the use per se because as a convenience it is undeniable that it is easier to play, my doubt arises that i often see doing more dps by hand. and this is where i do not understand how it is possible. by hand having to press 5-6-7 keys requires a perfection that is almost impossible to have , ( you get into plus you have to be careful of mechanics, puddles not to have to crack etc + you have to do dps and ideal rotation) it becomes untenable, using macros no by pressing in nautomatic the related key execute rotation. then why po iveding deatails etc the dps at finne is lower, if using macros you are much faster and more accurate? am i missing something to me or?

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It also comes down to the quality of the macros. Crap macros or lazy macros produce crap dps.

An off the shelf macro gives you around 60% of your potential DPS. If you want the remaining 40% you are going to need to spend about 80-130 hours tweaking and adjusting that macro until it’s performing for your character and the way that you specifically play. My observation is that people on this site generally are not prepared to make that investment (or not capable of making that investment) and settle for sub par results.

but excuse me ok but it seems a little strange like that. i.e. you say that macros give 60% of the dps of a class and you have to apply the remaining 40 to the macro. if you type 1234 in macro and hit it manually what changes it will always be the same way, for what reason it gives you only 60% of the dps . if as you say i invest so many hours over a a macro it should change the macro , but it doesn’t seem to be so . i myself have created dozens of macros for hunter bm, but the result is always the same of all the macros on the site . i.e. i give a clear practical example, hunter has to use spells in rotation :
barbed shot
kill command
cobra shot + the 2 cd beastial wrath-chakram of death.
I wrote several macros but the result will never change
it will always execute in all possible versions barbed shot to coldow+kill command+cobra shot stop. as you write it will never change.
tell me then i ask you said no one wants to invest time to crate the “perfect” macro. what should you do ?

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A GSE template is not linear like that. Every time you click it will move to the next action irrespective of success or failure of that action. The speed then that you click your mouse/button at then changes how the resulting macro from that template will perform. The haste you have then changes the GCD so instead of every 6th action being the action executed when you come off cooldown the 5th or 4th action instead becomes active instead. The templates on this site are written with that foundation however they cannot take into account the fact that my speeds and GCD will be different to yours. This doesn’t mean that the ideal rotation has changed just the implementation to get there is different from my PC to yours.

Then there are the min/maxers vs the lazy. The min/maxers want the macro to do the bare minimum parts of the rotation so that they can control their dps burst cooldowns individually vs the lazy who just want to press one button and watch Netflix on the other screen. They want to not get kicked for poor dps but they are not invested in the encounter.

My lag, gear, playstyle, haste and objectives all have an impact on how my GSE macro will perform. That is why when you pick someone else’s GSE template you have to make adjustments to make it work for you as opposed to it working for the author. I have templates that for me give me orange parses. If you use them off the shelf you will barely get a blue parse.

If your macro is not capable of giving you the same as what you could do manually then your macro simply needs more work and refinement. My macro gives me better performance and greater consistency than what I could do manually. That’s why I use it.

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