Macro with Demon Blades

If you look at Icy Veins, they are pushing Demon Hunters to use Demon Blades for a few reasons. One reason is it clears any empty globals, and two it’s passive and replaces Demon Bite.

Now Demon Blades doesn’t do as much damage as Demon Bite but because of its your auto attack, over time it does more. So far going into normals with other Demon Hunters and I see the ones who take Demon Blades talent do about 30% more damage than those who do not take it.

From all the GS-E threads and in the game I haven’t seen anybody develop a macro that takes into account of Demon Blades.

Now you can just erase a bunch of Demon Bites in the commands, and while that works it also doesn’t work with other skills like Blade Dance or Eye Beam.

From what I am reading this is the rotation with Demon Blades:

  • Fel Rush
  • Chaos Strike
  • Throw Glaves

Since Demon Blades is auto should we throw in Blade Dance or Eye Beam on Single Target?

interesting. Ill have to check it out