Macros - Copy, Paste and Save!

Hello folks, I’m here today to talk about on how to deal with these lazy macros on your computer. I mainly created this post because I have been hearing about people having trouble copying and pasting macros from the site to their game. Also I will teach you how to backup your macros in case of fire (just kidding)! There is a simple way or “trick” to know when is a good copy and paste.
First, do not try to highlight the macro text manually, there is an easier way. By just double clicking on the macro box on the site, it will highlight all the content inside the macro box and then just right click and copy or Ctrl+C on Windows or Apple+C on Mac. Here is an example to try it with: UPDATE: Macros Have a Copy Button Now!

/e Cheers, I did it!

As you may have noticed, it is a pretty simple way to know when everything is selected. If for some reason you think something is not right, just left click once outside the box and it will unselect anything and you are able to try again. And now that you have copied the content, just paste it on the game by doing Ctrl+V on Windows or Apple+V on Mac.
Now it is time to backup! Well, only if you want to that is. In case that you would like to retrieve later some macros because X or Y reason, then this is how you do it.
1. First locate your WoW installation folder, an easy way to do this is by right clicking the shortcut you use to log in the game and click on locate folder or “Show in finder” on mac.
2. Go inside the “WTF” folder and once again inside to “Account” folder.
3. Once inside the “Account” folder, look for the account you would like to backup the macros and go inside that named folder. It will be named on capital letters.
4. Now locate the file called “macros-cache.txt” and copy that to a source you would like to backup. *Don’t delete or remove it, otherwise you will lose any macros that you have made before.
That’s it, store it anywhere you want.
And if for some reason you would like to share your macros with a close friend, now you know how! Otherwise just tell them to visit, we will keep improving the macros. So check back for updates. There is always room for improvement!

UPDATED July 7, 2011: Macros now have a copy button.