Macros dissappeared

Wow crashed and the addon reset, All my saved macros and the pre-made ones are no longer there. Is there a way to restore them?

this has happened several times to me as well and I have yet to find a way to “restore” them. best I can suggest is to take a picture of your macros if you’ve made any changes to ones you’ve downloaded. ive tried to save the WTF folder contents and swap that out after a reset and it doesn’t work.

Bummer, thanks the the reply

GSE uses WoW’s mod variable storage system.

When you exit wow, it copies c:\path\to\WoW_retail\WTf\Account\YourAccountName\SavedVariables\*.lua to *.lua.bak and then writes any updates.

What this means is that if you immediately ALT+F4 and replace the GSE.lua file with the GSE.lua.bak file wallah! You could also backup periodically the GSE.lua file from that directory.

BONUS NOTES: You can do this for ALL your mods!!!

If however, you don’t ALT+F4 exit immediately you will wipe the .bak file when you exit the game.