Macros don't match

I’m having an issue where the macro in the .lua file isn’t what is being used in game. I check a macro using the sequencer editor(/gsse), and there are lines that are missing. I check versions, and there is only the one. The lines in question are /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 and /console Sound_EnableSFX 1.

Hello Matthew,

The reason is because they are not needed as the macro addon (GSE) has those lines built in the options of the addon. You can find them by going to interface, addons and GSE options.

So is safe to remove those lines if you want to so the addon does not have to do extra work.

I tried that but still get the error sounds. Why I just wanted to manually put in the lines.

Hi Matthew

It wont put them in as it triggers a SPAM/Hacking warning

Since when? I’ve never had that happen before using those lines of code.

Since 7.0.