Macros Freezing up? Here's a quick fix!

Alright, so I’ve played with pretty much every class and macro combo that I could find and noticed that a few of them locked up. Usually meaning that I had to shut down the game, and reboot to get my spellcasting working again.

After a little snooping, I figured out the issue. Almost all the macro’s are more for end game as as such have the following line in it:

/cast [nochanneling] Heart Essence

If you look in the macro and find any line that has the heart essence in it, you need to remove it until you reach the required level to be able to use the heart essence.

I’ve seen post after post about this, as well as people commenting on Lutechi’s Streams asking why this is happening and this is the solution.


Thank you for that. i’ll try it out.

Tried it and it fixed my lock ups. Thank you so much.

the only essence that a macro would lock up on that from would be Focusing Iris. You can leave the line in there if you dont have the neck piece yet, just remove the " [nochanneling] " and make sure the Neck on the right side is completely unchecked. As with all macros, if you don’t have the spell or ability, it will just skip over it.

Example: if I have the line " /cast Chimera Shot " and dont have it, it wont lock up, it’ll just go to the next spell and try to fire it off.

Thanks for the Information

mine still freezes up im lvl 110 still dont understand why this is freezing up so hard after i get threw a few ability it just stops doing anything and i cant even click buttons on my action bard through keyboard or mouse

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