Macros missing after update - WTF File macros missing as well

Tried to restore previous versions of the WTF File , and still have nothing in those as well.
Updated on 27 Feb 2022.

How would I restore the missing macros?, as all the old threads were removed (the ones that were helpful).
The only references I see are some snarky remark, or “well you should backup regularly!”
I had a lot of original macros I was fine tuning and working the gse3 bugs out of, and really hate to see all the hours of work wasted.

Without the originals or a backup you’re kinda borked unless you’re using WoWUP (as you should) that creates a backup for you as well as updating. Other of that kind I’ve no clue if they make backups.

I do actually use WowUP , as the curse interface which worked flawlessly over a decade became a total mess after they sold out to an Esports company. I do not see the backups anywhere though.
I been using this add-on since 2014, and normal backup, but I updated wow up, and somehow it overwritten everything. I don’t have “previous version” in file either somehow, only elf’s macros from his stub in. I know 5 people who used GSE (are still playing) (including my son, who like me started playing since wow went live), who have gone back to manual casting as you spend about a week making testing a macro set , tweaking it and poof there is an update and it is gone instead of playing the game (minus spending quality time in front of a target dummy). A simple solution was there is a separate storage folder that doesn’t get overwritten in a random update. or the ability to affix an outside folder and import macros from there. Thanks for responding Deezyl, as your help and insight is appreciated as always. I apologize if I I seem terse, and this is due my frustration. Wowup only has a manual WTF folder backup now after some update, there was a setting for it previously, which has been removed.