Macros / MS Help?

Hi guys, so im fairly new to WoW as a whole and rotations and what not with so many options is not my strong point, I’ve flitted back and forth between Unholy & Forst on my DK and i think im settle on Frost! (I feel unholy requires a lot of manual inputs)

I have a question though, I’ve followed Elfyau’s AHK tutorial and have a script set at 70ms, this is to make my F and my C key spam like crazy (As i used 2 macro’s on my Beast Master Hunter ST & AOE)

But at the moment on my DK, the macro states “Hold shift to use AOE” which essentially replaces Obliterate with Frost Scythe.

But its just does the AOE at all times? It never procs Obliterate and it reads as im permanently holding shift?

Can anyone help?

:: EDIT ::

OKAY, so I’ve learned that this is happening with EVERY macro setup I have? I tried out Kephas’ Frost Macro setup and his “SHIFT” modifier is to Howling Blast and its just constantly doing howling blast as if it reads I am holding down Shift?

Here is my AutoHotKey Set up:

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft ; Only run if window ‘World of Warcraft’ is active
$F:: ; If e is pressed
$^F:: ; If e+control is pressed
$+F:: ; If e+shift is pressed
$!F:: ; If e+alt is pressed
Loop ; If any of the above is true then loop below
if not GetKeyState(“F”, “P”) ; If E is not pressed then break the loop
if GetKeyState(“LCtrl”, “P”) ; If left control is pressed then send control+e
Send ^F
else if GetKeyState(“LShift”, “P”) ; If left shift is pressed then send shift+e
Send +F
else if GetKeyState(“LAlt”, “P”) ; If left alt is pressed then send alt+e
Send !F
Send F ; If F is pressed with no other modifiers send F
sleep 85 ; Time in milliseconds between key repeats

:: EDIT #2 ::

Okay it turns out i fixed my problem… it’s because in the script i Capitalised “F” meaning it read it as a “SHIFT F” and now i have changed it back to “f” it works fine :smiley:

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