Macros not showing icons on bar (wow classic)

I have a issue with GSE macros not showing any spell change on actionbar (using elvui) when it change spell to use next. I have been ripping my hair and I am about to give up. It’s just a simple rotation for a fresh pally (planned to upgrade macros as I go): /castsequence [combat, nochanneling] Seal of Righteousness, Judgement I do have a shift mod for a spell I dont have yet, but I never had issues before it should still show current spell casting in fight. Is there a issue with gse itself?. If so, how do I do this as a normal macro to cast only in combat?. Don’t get [combat] to work in normal macro. It’s really annoying. Please help me.

Won’t update with castsequence - Blizzard doesn’t let us see the state of a castsequence outside of their api.

As for the other - you need to put [combat] in front of every line you want to be protected to in combat only.

Thanks Timothy, but it doesnt seem [combat] does the trick for me. However [nochanneling] made it work on my pally as even with [nocombat] it would cast my seal over and over anyways. Don’t know why. To bad we cant see the sequences, maybe I can use weakauras and domino or something for a overlay to show things. Or try to make the macros as individual cast with conditionals. ?. Thanks for the imput :slight_smile: