Macros, WoW and you-yes, you

A good macro is the one you make and tailor to your needs. It takes a while but it’s worth it in the long run.

I start out by testing all the macros one at time unbuffed in front of a non-raid training dummy(you can use a raid training dummy-but all I care about is the highest number). Each pass is four minutes in length and I do this four times for one macro because there are variables.
I record four passes for each macro on Notepad with the macro name and take the highest/best overall number out of all of them.

Then I begin to tune it by using the Debugging feature in GSE (as @TimothyLuke demonstrated in his video) or you can use Details! which does pretty much the same thing.

By doing all of this and you didn’t want to tweak it then just use which ever macro gives you the best number.

SAVE ALL OF YOUR RECOREDED RESULTS TO NOTEPAD! Because if someone comes out with a new macro or an updated one you can try it out and compare the differences.

Things to know: (EXIT WOW, TURN OFF FACEBOOK and LEARN TO USE GOOGLE or your choice of search engines)

  1. Know your Class and spec. I’m a firm believer reading in Icy Veins. Azortharion (the BM Guide writer) is a great kid and puts in a lot of time-I mean a lot- testing, simming, you name it into our class. Or go to WowHead, I don’t care-just read up on how we play, function, what’s good, what’s bad, etc. Everything we need to know is right there.
  2. Sim (or simulate) your toon: Raidbots is the best place to do it (there’s Mr. Robot, too). There might be a Talent that your iffy on-SIM IT! What’s the best combo of equipment? SIM IT! Need those Pawn strings-SIM IT!
  3. Addons: If you don’t play WoW on a potato then get them. If your gonna sim your toon the two you are gonna need are Pawn and Simulationcraft. Icy Veins (and WowHead) has a dedicated column for each spec. And please, please, please keep them updated-hint: try WoWUP.
  4. Discord: There’s a Discord channel for every Class out there and every ASPECT to WoW. If you’re not sure or are intimidated, just tell people that your new or having trouble with something and nine times out of ten you’ll get a reply in that channel. It might not be the one you wanna hear…
  5. Lastly: Read, learn and expand your mind. Don’t be lazy. This site is WoW Lazy Macros-NOT WoW Macros for Lazy People.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.



Couple of points here…

I applaud you for being one of the few writers that actually knows enough to be buff / food / flask free when practicing on a dummy…however…

First off, when you test your stuff on a dummy, you SHOULD be using the Raid Dummy. If all you wanted was numbers, and are going to use the non - raid dummy, you could do that by just questing / farming mobs in the open world…hitting the normal dummy to get numbers is like a 30 year old biker beating up a 5trh grader…yea, you smash the crap out of it but what does it really show?

There are 3 seperate dummies to utilize -

Training Dummy - matches your current level, not much resistance…can take it to 1 health with little effort…matches open world mobs.

Raiders Training Dummy - Higher Health, “thicker skin” - will always be at least 4 levels higher than you.

Dungeoneers Training Dummy - will be 2 levels higher than you - WILL test your ability to keep your pet alive due to this dummy FIGHTS BACK!! yup, when this dummy spins, it strikes whatever is within its range, and its not a little…it can hurt.

There isa method for why we sim at the 5 minute mark…it allows for 2 complete cycles of our cooldowns and secondly it allows time for our cooldowns to be utilized to their full extent…4 minutes is ok but please practice run at 5 minutes…don’t clip yourself.

  1. the 2 you mentioned are great but you also NEED to utilize places such as …

On the flip side there is a couple places to steer clear of… - I know a lot of people will fight me on this one, however is just an all around easier, cleaner more accurate talent / gearing / simming site…you will get numbers closer to your average.

  1. pretty much right on with this point…except for the suggestion of Mr. Robot…just, no.

  2. Pawn is a useful tool, however, if you don’t Sim your toon after every single piece of gear upgrade, you will be getting false results. …and at the current time, WowUp kinda works to keep things updated but they do miss some…as of this writting you can still update through Twitch until Nov. 30th.

  3. Yup, couldn’t agree with you more on this point

  4. See #4

Personally, you couldn’t get any better help than hoping over to the guild Method webpage ( ) …now those boys know their stuff!! They are not always right up to date, but they are worth a look at.

Lastly, I would like to thank Deezyl_Fizzlepop for the help he has been giving and the suggestions he’s put forth here…he’s been a help not a hinderance on this page…thanx for your help.

Aight, imma gonna get off my soapbox now…

Happy Hunting and God Save The Queen!! ( …being Sylvanas of course…)

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Now this is what I’m talking about!

@ No54A2
Thanks so very much in your helpful insight as well!!

To add your points to my points:

  1. I didn’t really want to link anything because I want people to discover them on their own with the tips I’ve provided to gain KNOWLEDGE and I HATE holding peoples hands (or remove cranium from rectum).
    To me the training dummies don’t really matter. All I’m looking for a best/higher DPS number from the macros I’m testing out and NOT how close to a sim I can get-that should be noticeable in a Dungeon, M+ or Raid.
  2. I gave Mr. Robot a shoutout as an easier(?) alternative.
  3. I usually sim when a piece of gear is 5+ iLevels or higher.

I believe the average WLM user wants this:
“Me press button”. “Me want bestest DPS”. “Me doesn’t not care 'bout damager numbers. Spell pretty”.
I don’t usually try and tell what Talents or spells or abilities to pick. I want to know WHY they picked them.
For example: I posted in few threads on WHY those were picked and haven’t received an answer from the macro creator. I want to test their knowledge.
I wanted to know why the macro speed was absurdly high. I guess they want their macro to skip over spells, become random and possibly flag those users for pressing a button humanly impossible which COULD be grounds for a BAN from Blizzard. Then in comes the “ZOMG! BlIzZ bAnNeD mE fOr uSiNg gSe!”.

Anyhoo, thanks again No54A2 or your insightful input and hope this helps out many a GSE user.
I’d love to get more feedback from others but I’m afraid the average GSE user will look at these like a deer in headlights with a blank stare.


Just a bit of insight to where I’m coming from.

I’m a Guild leader and in Legion our Guild was #3 on our server in progression Raiding. It was kinda hardcore with me as a co-Raid lead and my ex the Raid lead-she was good at that and Gods do I miss those days Raiding. But like almost any progression Guild the Guild fell apart and now you can call me “casually hardcore”.

So you kinda have to know your shit.

oh, there is one other site I wish people would stay away from…since in my view they are never complete or truly up to date…

As a side note, as of today my guild is #2 horde side / #6 overall on my server.

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You’re right! Noxxic should be labeled “Toxxic”.

But in all fairness I use the Pawn strings from there when leveling up alts as I don’t bother simming to get to max level and just parking them until next expansion.