MacroToolkit Error BYPASS when creating new macro.

If you are getting LUI errors while trying to create a new macro under the character specific tab here is a quick lil bypass for you to use…

steps — ESC – Addons — Disable Macro Toolkit— Reload UI — Open Macros /macro — Click Character specific tab— create new macro header ( icon and name ) leave the macro text portion BLANK – Close macro tab— Esc — Addons – Enable Macro Toolkit —Reload UI—Click on Character specific tab — click the blank macro header you created – Edit Macro as needed – save and kill stuffs :slight_smile:


Mine is not saving the macro. I get an error. Any clue to why its not saving.

The new icon left blank is made in the in game macro sections correct?
then i reload macro tool kit and open in game macros upgrade that icon past script and its doent work or save.

Your help would be big help.

Try this version of Macro Toolkit … its the r65 recent update … download icon on top right of screen or use the curse logo to use the Curse client.