Mage - Fire Update

Finally the weekend is here! So I promised in the forums to give this lazy macro for fire mages a look once I have some time off from school (usually weekends) because I was swarmed in projects for college and due dates everywhere. Next week more of the same… I did spent a few hours testing and putting together this macro with my friend’s mage that is fairly well geared. There are some pros and cons of this spec that made it very difficult to work around the spells.
First off there is a bug if you try to put “Pyroblast” in a castsequence and is fired with the instant cast proc from the Hot Streak, it will get locked in the sequence and if used as a modifier sequence it won’t count as a sequence spell. Weird isn’t it? It will try to cast it again because the instant proc for some reason is not valid for the sequence but still uses it… I know there is a difference between the 2 Pyroblasts and they are identified by an exclamation point “!” at the end for the instant Pyro. This was a bit of a headache, making it more interesting and difficult at the same time.
So I start fighting with the macro, relocating spells, testing all kinds of sequences, new lines, modifier combinations and finally something came out after back and forth for a couple of hours…
The fire spec is very gear dependent and for Crit the dependency is even bigger, making it difficult to test because waiting for Hot Streak to proc sometimes takes a bit longer.
As long as you have the right gear, spec, reforge, gems, etc. The macro should work great as long you get Hot Streak procs several times per minute. The macro works best when is spammed, just don’t break your fingers please. Here are the changes I did and improvements:

Pyroblast now is integrated inside the macro to be fired as soon as possible only when the instant proc is on.
Combustion was removed from the cooldowns sequence and it is now a modifier. Only use the modifier (Combustion) whenever there is 2 or 3 DoT’s in the target and is not going to die soon, otherwise is a waste of a cooldown.
Other cooldowns like Flame Orb will be casted in between Hot Streaks so it all depends on how much crit you have.

And finally I included translations for 5 client languages. This update will be included in the next version of the add-on plugin, but for now you can find it here at the forums. I hope everyone enjoys it and let me know what you think.
/fire Pew Pew!