Major Trouble with Frost DK

First, I can’t express how many times I’ve used material from here to make my life so much easier. I really appreciate all you guys have done. I do have one major situation that I’ve been desperately trying to figure out for a bit and was hoping you could help me. I have a 99 twink frost DK that I’ve been loving until a couple days ago when somehow…things changed. I’m going to try to lay it out clearly.

I have a 5 button Blackweb Gaming Mouse.
The two buttons on the side are set to spam F5 and F6 respectively which are then keybound to a couple keys on the bottom right toolbar (which is then moved all around through the Domino Addon).

I use a very very simple GS macro that I set up just for pvp after modifying a lot from Tazkilla’s one. I don’t know much about writing a new one so I just modivy a lot.

Sequences[‘SAM_FDK2’] = {
– This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.03.
Talents = “1,1,1,1,1,3,1”,
MacroVersions = {
[1] = {
StepFunction = “Sequential”,
“/targetenemy [noharm][dead]”,
“/cast [combat] Pillar of Frost”,
“/cast Remorseless Winter”,
“/cast [mod] Frost Strike”,
“/cast Obliterate”,

All it does is cast Pillar of Frost, Remorseless Winter and Obliterate. When Shift is held down it will then mix in Frost Strikes. I have howling blast and death strike as well as everything else on separate keys.

Here’s where I’m having trouble. I hold down RIGHT MOUSE (to keep myself pointed one direction), hold down my mouse key that spams F5 which spams the above macro, then I will hit WASD at the same time in order to move forward/backward or strafe while still facing the target. A and D are set to TURN instead of STRAFE, but when combined with the right key held down I will strafe. This all worked fantastically until a couple days ago. I store up Runic Power and then either hold down shift (while holding down Right Mouse + F5 Key + some combination of WASD) in order to weave in frost strikes or I spam in death strikes by hitting that separate key while holding the rest down. A couple days ago I began to have trouble.

Everything would work perfectly until I hit SHIFT. Sometimes until I held down the macro and started to strafe even without shift. Immediately then something would fail to recognize that I was holding down RIGHT MOUSE and I would begin to spin either left or right. It wouldn’t recognize RIGHT MOUSE + A or D + SHIFT. Usually I’ll spin in place. Sometimes if I hit shift first, it won’t recognize that I’m spamming the macro by hitting F5.

I don’t believe it’s a hardware problem. Trading out mice hasn’t changed it happening.

I don’t know if it’s a keybinding problem. I went back and reset everything and then made sure there were no other movement bindings or combinations of any of the above keys bound to anything.

It does not happen if I replace the macro with a single ability and spam that.

It does not happen on any other characters that I’m using GS macros on including those that are set up exactly the same way with Shift modified abilities contained in them.

It also does not happen until I enter combat. I can press every single key while having something targetted and will strafe side to side perfectly until I get just close enough to enter combat…and then start spinning.

I’m seriously at a loss here…Can anyone help me stop spinning!??