Manual Entry question

The more macros on this site I’m trying to use, the more authors refers to specific talents/skills they’d rather leave out of the macro sequence and press manually.

I was wondering on … how you do that :stuck_out_tongue:

My experience is that while a macro is firing, its really difficult/inconsistent to press a GCD-bound key (interrupts like pummel seem to work fine). The macro keeps ‘overwritting’ my manual entries and I end up spamming that key until the macro let’s it through, most of time, too late.

How do you guys handle that?

  • Do you stop the macro/press the key manually/re-start the macro
  • Is there a config in GSE to let some keys go through?

Many thanks!

I have a Razer mouse and i have put auto click on 2 buttons so when i press it will spam that button. So it means it still do my auto macro button for damage but same time it spam this specific button and it do work for me.
I have my scroll button to click for starting and stopping my nr1 button with main macro. All insta cast spells is working to press manually but i have only interupt and perhaps another spell on that. Also when i use Alt1, Shift1 and Ctrl1 i also can get some spells for situational stuff.
Thats what i do :slight_smile:

Thanks Borland - you have been so helpful sir.

I let go of the macro button and press the other one instead.

You shouldn’t be trying to “start” and then “stop” your macro. That’s a very fast way of getting banned. Instead setup your software that it requires you to hold down the key for the macro to repeatedly fire.

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Thanks and sorry If I’m a bit dense with a follow-up question.

My setup is that I copy the icon macro on my bar (let’s say in the bar slot that’s mapped to key#1) and then use my programmable mouse to map Key#1 to a 250ms spam. When I press the button (usually entering combat), it spams the macro and when I press the mouse button again, it stops the macro (usually leaving combat).
Is that a bad way to do it?

@bordand - do you use a keyboard macro to spam your Key#1 w/o mapping it to your mouse?

If you value your account this is the worst way to do this. If you don’t care about being banned - carry on.

This is classed as entry level botting as you are not specifically performing a hardware action each click. Your software is creating hardware actions for you in an automated way. If you instead programmed your software to repeat the key while you held the key down you are still controlling the repeat via a specific hardware event.

I have my key1 on my keyboard as the macro spam and i do this through Razer synapse. I setup synapse so when i hold 1 button on my mouse it spam the key1. 100ms i use and been doing this way for many years now. Got bad fingers with arthritis so this helps me play the game. Without this i probably would not be able to play at all.