Marksmanship is the best PVE spec for me?

I pull about 190k sustained with Survival and 196k sustained with Beast Mastery at 547 pve on dummies. but, 245k with MM. I know MM is meant to do the least DPS, but with 245k sustained dps over 100m damage it is well the best choice for me, I don’t see how it could be worse. I’ve tried the best rotations and macros for BM and Surv and they both return similar dps. Maybe it’s because I gem haste > crit and no other MM does that? I have 42.6% haste, and 34% crit, my ilvl is 547 full pve with a flexible weapon fully upgraded.
I recommend trying this;
Cast: Aimed shot + Chimera shot, then instantly Stampede; Murder of Crows, rapid fire, dire beast, serpents sting.
Then cast steady shot 2 times, then chimera shot. then repeat the following sequence: Steady shot,Steady shot, aimed shot, steady shot, chimera shot, steady shot, Glaive toss, aimed shot.
(while casting Dire beast, rapid fire, MoC(only when stampede is off cd too) and Glaive toss on CD)
Occasionally cast Concussive shot.
If anyone could try that and tell me if it works for them too?

Probably because target dummy stay at 100% health. Try MM on the target dummy that losses health. MM has increased crit rate on targets above 80% health, if I remember correctly.

[quote quote=13679] Try MM on the target dummy that losses health.[/quote] I just tried MM on the level 80 dummy that loses 50% health and got 232k. I also tried BM on the Dummy and got 203k. (206k with macro). So still, MM is the better of the 2 specs. Could you try my rotation and tell me your results on the lvl 80 dummy, along with your ilvl? I gem haste > crit and have the talent tree: 323211.

could you please post the macro you are using so that it can be tested

#showtooltip cobra shot
/castsequence reset=target Serpent Sting,null
/castsequence reset=0.7 0,0,0,0,0,Cobra Shot
/castsequence reset=0.7 0,0,0,0,Dire Beast
/castsequence reset=0.7 0,0,0,Glaive Toss
/castsequence reset=0.7 0,0,Kill Shot
/castsequence reset=0.7 0,Kill Command
/castsequence reset=5 Arcane Shot,Arcane Shot,Cobra Shot
/cast [combat] Bestial Wrath
/cast [combat] Rapid Fire

Obviously i change the reset value based on world ms.

That’s not a MM macro, that’s my BM macro I posted the other day in my thread. I think he want’s to try your MM macro.

I don’t use a MM macro? As i stated in the original post, I use my own rotation which is also in the original post. If one wants to test it he needs to write it down and follow it exactly.