Marksmanship (lvl 80) - Single Target

Opening Rotatiion Macro

/castsequence reset=target Hunter's Mark, Serpent Sting, Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, Readiness, Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot
/cast !Auto Shot

This is a macro that you should Use when u First engage your Target or you switch your Targets.
This will start you off on how you should be opening your Rotation.

Hunter’s Mark > Serpent Sting > Chimera Shot > Aimed Shot > Readiness > Chimera Shot > Aimed Shot


Main rotation for Marksmanship according to the guide Provided on [WoWhead] . Although rotation Guide doesnt mention Silencing Shot they do mention it later on in their Addons & Macros Section where Silencing Shot has been Macro’d into every Skill along with Kill Command aswell Hecing i included them in this Macro.

Kill Shot > Silencing Shot & Kill Cmmand > Chimera Shot > Aimed Shot > Arcane Shot > Steady Shot

If Mana is not an issue for you then u can add MultiShot in between Arcane Shot and Steady Shot. although thiis does make it an AoE Macro with this Change it is By No Means a Proper solution for an AoE Macro. For an AoE Macro you would want to Have MutiShot alot Earlier Probally Before Chimera Shot so your Multi SHot is off CD allowing you to get your 2nd Multi shot off Sooner and so long as thre are three Targets or More you should Be Dropping a Volley probally after Cimera Shot using a macro Argument lIke @target or @cursor. (i’ll Probally Release an AoE Macro at a latter date)


Talents: 7/57/7

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.22.


Main rotation for Marksmanship according to the guide Provided on [WoWhead] .
This roatation macro is the same as the one above it except this one does Not included silence in the rotation allowing you to use silence on COmmand Instead good for Moorabi in Gundrak where you nee to use silencing Shot to Interupt his transformation.


I recommend using a Macro For Silecing Shot (below)

Talents: 7/57/7

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.22.

Some Useful Macro’s

Silencing Shot

/cast Silencing Shot

This will interupt anything that that has a Cast time or channel and imideatly silence/interupt your target. (silence Target does not share a GCD with any of your attacks)

Trap Launcher: Explosive Trap

/cast [@cursor] Trap Launcher: Explosive Trap

This will throw an explosive Trap where you hae your cursor so make sure you have your cursor under the boss’s Feet when you hit the macro other wise u will have to wait 30seconds before it comes off of CD

All in One CD’s & Consumables

#showtooltip Rapid Fire
/cast Rapid Fire
/use 10
/use [combat] 13
/use [combat] 14
/use [combat] Potion of Speed
/cast call of the wild
/cast Blood Fury

This will start by activating Rapid Fire , simulataneously activating Both Trinkets (if they have onuse Functions on them), Swallowing a Haste Potion, activating your Pets Call of the wild, Use the racial Blood Fury if your an Orc and lastly to activate Hyperspeed Acellerator’s if your an Engineer. Obviously lines of the macro can be Modified to better suit your Class and which Boots your using if an Engineer or Remove that last Line Entirely if your not and engineer or not using Nitro Boots.

Misdirection on Focus Target

/cast [target=focus]Misdirection

I find this Macro Very useful for setting my Main Tank as my Focus Target. so i can easily cast Misdirection on him with out actually having to Target Him.
much easier than

/cast Misdirection

Pet All in One

#showtooltip Call Pet
/use [@pet,nodead,exists] Mend Pet
/stopmacro [@pet,nodead,exists]
/use [@pet,dead,exists] Revive Pet
/castsequence reset=2 Call Pet, Revive Pet

This will First
Cast Mend Pet if he is allive
Revive your Pet if it is Dead
and call Pet if he was Dismissed

Intiate Attack

/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast !Auto Shot

Kind of useless but this will intiate Combat wih your Target Using your auto shot if he is at range and melee swing if he is in melee Range and send in your Pet to attack your Target.

This is my 2nd GSE macro Post so any suggestions or constructive critism is appreciated.
Fixed Misdirection macro adding [target=Focus] instead of [focus] should now work Correctly

Other GSE macro’s created by me
Shaman - Elelmental (lvl 80)

How do I put this rotation in order
as a macro for MM Hunter :

1.Use Double Tap
2.Use Death Chakram
3.Use Trueshot
4.Use Rapid Fire
5.Use Aimed Shot
6.Use Aimed Shot
7.Use Rapid Fire
8.Use Aimed Shot
9.Use Kill Shot

well u should first decide on a Skill Riority order
forst instacne you want to always have Kill Shot usedwhen able to be used (target at 20% Health or less) and on CD
Then you would want to Use your your Chimera Shot on CD (So long as you have specc’d into CHimera Shot on your Talent Tree). as this will refresh the Timer of your Serpent Sting
Followed by Having Aimed Shot
and then Steady Shot, this needs to be spammed as Much as Possible when your Other skills are on CD
So you Would have to set up your macro by Having kill Shot a the Top of Your List
the the First macro would be
/cast Kill Shot
the 2nd Macro would the be
/cast Chimera Shot
the 3rd macro
/cast Aimed Shot
the 4th macro as
/cast Steady Shot

this way it will always Try and Cast Kill Shot First before mOVing on to the Next Macroand then once the CD on Chimera Shot and Aimed Shot are on CD then it will use Steady Shot and i t will continue to use steadyshot untill one of the Skills Comes off CD before contiung to use Steay Shot

I’m Certainly bot an expert on GSE by any means and some one might have a better way of explaining it to you, but i hope i may Have Hoped i might have Helped you out.