Mass Auto Disenchant 1 Button Macro

Hi Dears,
I want to make a 1 button Macro,which can Auto disenchant all Green Equipments in my bags.
I think many of you want such a macro, hope anyone can help…

I met some problems below:
1, which addon shall I use
2, I tried to use Super Duper Macro but it’s been banned
3, If this function can be achieved by GSE???

Macro function as I think should have below prosedure:
1, It will have two circle: A, circle to check bags(0-4), B, circle to overview each Slots in Bags
2, A judgement to know if the item in the bags&slot is : A, Equipment B,It’s Green(uncommon) quality
3, If judgement is true, then run /cast Disentchant , /use bagslot(x,y) , delay 4 seconds then next circle
False, next circle(slot)…

I would say no it is not possible. Just do it manually. It goes quite fast.

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Oh…Many Thanks for reply~

Everything involving external interaction inside the game is against LUA terms, so neither GSE nor any verified add-ons will be able to achieve that.

If you want to set something against ToS, based on what you said on “auto disenchant”, “item detection based on the position on bags”, etc… GSE is not what are you looking for, you’re looking for something against Blizzard’s ToS that can get you banned (and if you’re botting well-deserved ban tho).


Going a step further with info, each disenchant needs a hardware action so it would be you spamming the disenchant macro which you may as well just use Trade Skill Master that has a more robust interface to do this.

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As Timothy mentioned above. TSM by default give you a macro in your Macro Tab to Disenchant all your greens in the bag. Search Google for a Script Macro that you can 1 click automatic disenchant everything.

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@Jerry_Zhang ,

This is what I’m using
/run local f=MyItem or CreateFrame(“Button”,“MyItem”,nil,“SecureActionButtonTemplate”) f:SetAttribute(“type”,“click”) f:SetAttribute(“clickbutton”,GetMouseFocus())
/cast Disenchant
/click MyItem X 1

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