Massive lag while using programmable key to spam macro!

Since the Update to the game and GSE whenever I get into combat and press my macro button to let it fire automatically my framerate drops from 80+ frames to less than 10 and stutters along til I release the button then it goes right back to 80+.

Macros all worked fine til this update never had an issue with lag before til now!!


i havnt had this issue yet. my frames are stating around where they usually are. wonder what is causing it for you?

Well, i know what it is.

And its probabley your AHK , mouse software repeating too much keypresses.

New GSE3 works sames as before, but within “blocks” of information.


All my macros have many command lines and I run them at 5ms. I use exactly the probability system, which the old macro did much better than this one. I understand that, for certain macros, of certain classes, where you can make a very linear macro with few priorities, this new model is better. but my macros were chaotic, huge and fast.Will i have to create 1 block for each command line 200 times? I strongly believe that, when moving so abruptly between versions, an option to go back to the simpler version is very important.

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I use Razer with key delays ranging from 0ms-100ms, depending on the macro. I can use the key repeat feature of my razer devices without issue, if I am not using a GSE macro. But when I try to use a GSE Macro, my game freezes. I just tried it without the key presses from razer and it runs through without issue.
Do you have any ideas on how to remedy this? I had a clot in my jugular a while back and am not able to move my hand/fingers as fast as I used to. And mashing one button really tires out my hand/arm

Just use one key press.

The total time COMBINED key up + key down ( NOT BETWEEN EVERY RECORDED’S MOUSE SOFTWARE ) should be around 100ms.

One ( pre-recorded ) keystroke + around 100ms = no fps drop

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I have the exact same issue, using Razer @100ms, FPS drop from 60 to 10 after update. No problem before.

Personally I find the concept change appealing but this performance issue had me wanting to go back to old version…

Razer here too same problem seem like freezing doing instances hade np whit gs 2 now getting horrible using 110 ms key dow-110ms-key upp what to change? and repeat so i can hold down the key

Slow your MS down. GSE2 dropped a lot of clicks. GSE3 doesn’t. As a result you are flooding WoW’s input Queue simply because you are spamming your commands too fast and lagging yourself to death. To the snowflake running at 5 MS you are a special kind all of your own. You are lucky if you are not DC’ing yourself. I would suggest not running under 250ms.

BTW both GSE and WoW 9.1 changed in the macro api and how macros are processed.


Thanks Timothy.
Changed to 250ms do improve quite a bit, FPS drop decreased to ~10 (from 60 to 45-ish)
Also thank you to let us know that GSE2 dropped a lot of clicks, there are many popular macro suggesting running at 100ms, might as well turn the ms down further more to find a sweet spot going forward.

It’s not what they suggest. It’s finding the slower speed that gives you-personally as the player- the best DPS not what “someone” tells you to run the macro at.

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