Maybe not a GSequencer issue, help me find out.

So, I started trying to use GS last night and i noticed an odd problem. Most people are saying their sequencer won’t respond in game, which i have experienced, but I’ve also noted that this only happens to me if the sequencer.lua file is at all different from the stock version. I use the GnomeExample2 macro to test this. When it’s stock, it works. When i add a new macro, it fails to work, and i also get the issue mentioned above. WHen i remove any alterations, it returns to its functional state. This works both with my own copy+pasted macros and with a prebuilt sequencer.lua i got from quentinraidmaker.

Could this issue be stemming from somewhere other than the addon itself? Maybe a WTF file or cache thing, or even a setting in notepad++?

I suspect it is a bug in the code you are adding. There are a number of basically undocumented issues with GS one is the reset conditional issue and another big one is the sequence naming issue. As I have offered previously, I will look at your Sequences.lua file and see if I find any bugs in it fix it and send it back to you if you simply send it to me.