Me my macro is write protected

Can someone help me my macro is write protected how can I change that?
Greetings Stefan6666666666666666666

Didn’t know gse can do that yet I know it’s implemented in GSE 3! You say your macro is it one you have written or one from someone else?
If it’s someone else perhaps it’s been implemented in this version of GSE!

When you export a GSE macro, there is an option to make the exported macro read only.

Been in GSE since 2.4.something (about 4 years)

Once a macro is exported as write protected it is locked and can’t be unlocked. You need the original author to export the macro without this lock on.

Yes, but he said his macro I presume it’s someone else’s like Larry!
Interesting it’s been around for so long as I haven’t come across a locked macro yet.

Hello, yes it is definitely my macro so I don’t understand that I can no longer save it, could it always save it now suddenly no longer?
Greetings Stefan

The ONLY way this can happen is if you exported it as write protected AND then reimported it over the top … or you imported a macro of the same name from someone else which was write protected.