MeMe Frost Morb spec **Dead** No longer viable

What is “Frost Morb” spec?

  • While other specs have big rune spender abilities (howling blast, obliterate, DnD, etc) this spec is solely focused on single rune abilities for fast runic power generation all while being able to maintain a permanant ghoul pet. Strong talent options in the frost tree really empower frost strike to be a heavy hitting ability that we can spend that runic power on. In combination with Threat of Thassarian talent our offhand in now hitting with all of our melee specials as well. Plague strike then becomes a strong ability when combined with Outbreak talents and the glyph of Plague Strike. Blood of the North allows death rune generation for even more Plague Strikes. I think you see where this is going.

What are stat weights, what stats should I get?

  • Strength > Haste > Hit > Crit > Expertise > Armor Pen

What gear should I wear?

  • Unholy and FrostMorb share 99% of gear. Only difference is sigil in full BiS.

What glyphs should I use?

  • Glyph of Plague Strike, Glyph of Frost strike, Glyph of the Ghoul

Talent build


  • Unholy Presence > Icy Touch > Plague Strike > Unbreakable Armor > Blood Tap > Death and Decay > Empower Rune Weapon → Normal priority rotation

Normal Rotation (Priority based)

  • Frost Strike on KM proc > Plague Strike > Icy Touch > Blood Strike > Frost Strike filler > Horn of Winter

  • Unholy Runes = Plague Strike

  • Frost Runes = Frost Strike or Unbreakable Armor

  • Blood Runes = Blood Strike or Pestilence

  • Death Runes = Plague Strike

  • Runic Power = Frost Strike

  • Try to avoid using Killing Machine proc on instead use Frost Strike when KM proc

@Dhars said

1) Don't overcap your Runic Power because this build is all about the Frost Strike damage.
2) Don't waste KM procs on Icy Touch
3) Make sure to use Plague Strike with your Death Runes.

Do I want fast or slow weapons?

  • Since Frost Morb gets the Threat of Thassarian talent, all of our strikes hit with offhand therefore making 2 SLOW WEAPONS the best option.

What runeforges should I use?

  • Rune of Razorice MH
  • Rune of Fallen Crusader OH

What sigil do I use?

  • Sigil of the Vengeful Heart

Do I use Army of the Dead?

  • You can precast army before pull or snapshot during bloodlust. The dps difference between the two is fairly negligible so I suggest precasting for consistency.

How does Frost Morb compare to regular frost or unholy specs?

  • Recently we gained the ability to sim this spec for real world numbers. On single target encounters frost morb is almost identical to frost sub UH spec and slightly better than frost sub blood. It lacks an aoe ability like howling blast for multi target encounters but also has the least punishing rotation for spreading diseases with pestilence as our blood runes are free for whatever we want.

Weak Aura NAG Frost Morb Rotation:

More information:

Credit Due: Thanks goes to Discord @Fonsas @Nezz @Roko @Dhars

GSE Script Frost Morb !!::WIP::!!


Update: (7/31/23)

  • Still working on DnD did not trigger and give me time figure how get it properly triggers.
  • I changed the rotation loop script got exceed 81-99% parse in Heroic TogC. Will update GSE Script tonight.
  • Posted GSE script update. WARNING It is not perfect yet and still tweak and polish. FYI
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Recent I ran Heroic Beta Dungeon run, My Frost Morb DK had 4792 GS carried with 4 of these guys who are above 5.1k gs. Amazing output and got 89% parse still not perfect.

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 2.40.27 PM

Here Screenshot proof.

Last Boss
Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 9.40.17 PM

Today at CoS++ Last Boss 4792 GearScore

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 2.30.13 PM

DPS meter output:

Today at Gundrak++ and DTK++ Overrall for both.

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 3.25.49 PM

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I tested this talents on Aug 3, 2023
Although the result was not satisfactory due to the inexperience of the rotation, I think it‘s a talents that has more potential than 15/56.
In Twin Val‘kyr, DPS came out higher. attach link


Agreed, I tried more tweak and polish the GSE script even manual click and it seems not give me more dps at all. I went back deep frost spec with Howling blast. Got me into 9-10k dps meter compare to frostmorb stuck at 3.5-5k dps meter.

So I researched on discord mention that we will need to use unholy gear E.g. stack Strength, Haste and Crit stats to boost this dps since I got all heavy Crit and AP that’s why i had to go back the deep Frost spec with Howling blast. I am trying farm on heavy crit-haste gears to experiment again.

Thank you for testing with this spec.

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pops off cool downs but doesnt cast a single spell but the button rotates to new spells if that makes any sense. keeps saying spell isnt ready yet but i checked spell ranks and such and cant find out what it could be

Frost Morb spec is dead since the discord ebon hold had frost morb channel and no longer works so this is dead spec ATM.

Recommended use Black Ice spec or my script (simple frost rotation for T9’s 4th bonus gear)