Mend pet


Any ideas on where to put mend pet? Tried it in key press/release and it doesnt go off. Tried inside macro and it seemed to lock up the macro.

Any assistance would be appreciated

You can place it in the section ‘Sequence’
And you can give it conditons such as:

/cast [nogroup] Mend Pet
/cast [group] Mend Pet
/cast [combat] Mend Pet
/cast [nocombat] Mend Pet
/cast [combat][nogroup] Mend Pet
/cast [nocombat][nogroup] Mend Pet

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Mend Pet is now on the GCD, as such it can cause freeze up or other issues in key press/release, as well in the main macro. If you are using an AHK it can really mess things up. You may be able to get it to work in the pre macro. But you will most likely need to use a shift or alt modifier to get it to work.

i found a workaround for the revive pet issue.

make a new standard macro.

/cast [nopet,nodead] Call Pet 1; [@pet, dead] Revive Pet; [@pet, nodead, nochanneling] Mend Pet

add it to a button. i used ActionButton7, use framestack to figure out what the button you want to use is called.

add the line

/click ActionButton7
to your macro. Obviously, put in whatever your button name is. works perfectly for me.

edit I put the click line in premacro. i use a loop limit of 2. it also works in the sequence section

I use this:

#showtooltip /cast [nomod,pet,nochanneling] Revive Pet;[mod,pet] Dismiss Pet; [nopet] Call Pet 1

Since Mend Pet and Revive Pet do the same thing, you don’t need to duplicate them. It automatically switches as needed. The key is the nochanneling modifier due to there being a cast time on the ability to prevent Revive being overkeyed constantly as it casts.

I also tuck a Dismiss Pet in the same macro by using a modifier key (shift, control, alt) pressed. Saves a key.

From my 8.01 Macro thread:

Author Ewing@Anduin
SpecID 253
Talents 3123311
Help Heal Pet
Default 1,
Macro Versions 1
StepFunction Sequential
/cast [@pet,dead] Revive Pet
/cast [nochanneling] Mend Pet
/cast [nochanneling] Exhilaration
/cast [nochanneling] Survival of the Fittest


Sir_Ewing, have you tried to actually use that to revive your pet?

when I put revive pet into a GSE macro, it changes it to mend pet, which then throws an error when it tries to actually cast, because GSE is sending it as Mend Pet, which is still a separate spell from revive pet. when clicking a blizz button, it automatically switches, but i have not found it to auto switch from a gse macro or a regular macro.

anywho, I just retested my regular macro, and it also did not work once my pet’s body had despawned (i died)… evidently the “nodead” conditional doesnt register if your pet doesn’t have a corpse in range of you, so it wont progress to the second part of the single line macro. to alleviate that issue, here is my new macro, which i still put on actionbutton7 and use the /click command to activate.

/cast [@pet, dead] Revive Pet
/cast [nopet, nodead] Call Pet 1
/cast [@pet, nodead, nochanneling] Mend Pet

That works a treat! Thanks!

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