Mercurio's One Button Brewmaster 9.0.2

You need to elaborate a little more.

When are you seeing that?
How are you using the macro?

First, I was trying this with the multi target macro, just copy it to the tab “1” and spammed it, it kept tell me “unknown unit”
later on, I have tried this with the single target one and switched it with the multi on tab “1”.
same result :(.

I also get “unknown unit” when testing on a dummy.

I have also noticed that trinkets aren’t kicking off and Purifying Brew doesnt seem usable, but that might be due to me not taking damage.

edit: I fixed the trinket issue, but still have the "unknown unit: issue

Test it in a dungeon. Are you guys max level?

nope, I am level 40… will try today or tomorrow to get to max lvl and let ya know.

max level and same issue no matter what I combat

@Mercurio or anyone else that can answer, When using the multi macro, it never casts SPK no matter the speed. I’ve checked the spelling and all is well there. It also does not seem to be progressing through the macro fully. I doesn’t cast the heart essence either. As a debugger, I added say Hello at various points in the macro and it doesn’t seem to hitting them

The unknown unit issue for me was the assist focus call in the pre macro. I think if you don’t have a focus assigned it throws that error

I think that part of the macro is there on accident, you need to replace it with
/targetenemy [noharm]

Thanks for the feedback guys. Yes, the /assist focus part in the macro will produce an “Unknown Unit” spam on your screen. I’ve updated both macros with a Key Press as:
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
–/assist focus
That way it defaults to selecting a target automatically. If you preferred the assisting of a focus you can simply delete the “–” on that line and add it to the front of the /targetenemy line.


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Ok, this is weird. It’s not casting SPK at all. I made a new version without expel harm. I tried SPK in a cast sequence and without. I added a ‘say’ debugger again and it doesn’t hit that and still cast expel harm even though I removed that from the macro. not really sure what’s going on, it’s still not casting SPK at all

Also, I have the ability on the bar and it never highlights like it’s trying to cast, where with other abilities in the macro, I can see the ‘attempt’ to cast it. Im not sure if this may be an issue raisable for @TimothyLuke or not, but this is def weird

@the_mikeyduece Thank you for your feedback. I noticed some of the same issues you did, but built it back up from the ground up and it is now casting Spinning Crane Kick, the heart essence, expel harm, and Purifying Brew (brew only when you are taking damage, of course).

Try out the new version and let me know if all the issues are solved.


@Mercurio have you update the OP ?

@the_mikeyduece Yes sir, just did.


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Just a note:

Ensure you replace /cast Heart Essence with the HE variable to ensure it works for someone without a HoA equipped.

@Mercurio, Working like a charm now! ty so much :smile: Was it the reset=combat modifier that was there? I had thought about removing that but thought I read somewhere GSE would just skip that. Either way, can’t wait to test this out in some m+. Got my +9 key ready to go :smiley: Thanks again!

I can not add the macro help me please.

a lot of people dont know this but you can make a separate taunt macro for the ox statue. if you taunt it. it does a AoE taunt of everything around it.