Microsoft BUYS Activision Blizzard King


I am infinitely happy, I hope that the Blizzard sagas now have the respect and work they deserve from the developers.

i just hope they make the game worth playing more, like before Activision took over. i love this game, but its been: put out xpan, eveybody happy for about a month, everybody bored, out out big patch, everybody happy for a month, back to being bored, ectra. Also, maybe they will stop these start a storyline and then drop it for a diffrent one. know its not all the time, but there are some interesting storylines that were never fleshed out. lol i really have high hopes for where all Blizzard games go from here.

Makes me hopeful, but I’m wondering if they mess with the game design surrounding macro use. They will probably be pushing console game play a lot more and with that perhaps changing the way spells work and gameplay?

It’s just the worry wart in me talking but perhaps it worth investigating. I know it’s too early.

How do you think they can improve as for the start they have said the corrupt people running it now will stay in charge. On top of that, you will be forced into paying the game fee they charge I don’t recall what they call it as I have never paid or used any Microsoft games.
Also, Microsoft has a habit of shutting down things Mixer anyone and various other purchases.
If this game wasn’t dying already I think this will finish it.

They’re buying up everything man. Ig they want to create a monopoly in the next few years.