Mine till Legion Testing

This is the current macro Ive been playing around with. Testing around trying to get some healing back and not spam casting a full / large Marrow.

I put Caress after a Boil to get that start AoE Hit.
Still tweaking and Add/Removing Strikes n Marrows in Sequences so that I can have enough Bone up for talent, but still get that Heart dmg in.

Trinkets: Discordant Chorus (AoE) or Drinking Horn (ST) + Stone of Elements ; (trying not to use BoA)
Mastery: 43%
Haste: 13%
Talents: 2112133

Sequences["SquishyDK"] = {
StepFunction = [[
		limit = limit or 1
		if step == limit then
			limit = limit % #macros + 1
			step = 1
			step = step % #macros + 1
    PreMacro = [[
/cast [combat] Vampiric Blood
/Cast [combat] Dancing Rune Weapon
/cancelaura Wraith Walk
	'/castsequence reset=combat Marrowrend, Marrowrend, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike',
	"/cast Death Strike",
	"/castsequence reset=combat Blood Boil, Death's Caress, Blood Boil, Blood Boil, Blood Boil, Blood Boil",
	"/castsequence reset=combat Marrowrend, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Marrowrend",
	"/cast Death Strike",
    PostMacro = [[
/TargetEnemy [noharm][dead]
/Use [combat] a13
/Use [combat] 14

I tell you what, as far as simplicity and working well, yours and John Mets seem to be the best, for some reason I just cant get a decent rotation going, with my frost macro I need to keep on hand a way to dump excess runes, I just cant seem to make things run smoothly, I am hoping with the expansions release and weapons access things will, change, Many thanks for yours and Johns excellent work