Can you post the AOE macro ?

well seems to be doing really good im doing over 40k dps on training dummy @452ilvl no buffs with the traits 2 magus and 2 fester

Updated the macro a bit and now added AOE macro. Language issue should be fixed now.

Hi Mma. First of all i would like to thank you (and the community) for creating theese macros. Yours dkuh8.3 is my second try, the first was with paladin and allready love it. I wouldnt know what to do without. Whats is different from my pala is that i have been playing pala sinse forever and dk are total new for me. I dont know what spells to cast myself in pve/pvp situations. Can you please share with me some good advice to what to cast myself i would GREATLY appriciate it. Alternative maybe a link to a guide decribing it. Hope to hear back from you. Have a nice day and thanks in advance. Br/Max

Hello Max,

i would recommend to Unholy Guide at WOWHead. It cointains everyhing you need and is frequently updated. If you know the mechanics of the class, it will help a lot with GSE. In terms of damage spells, you have most of them in the macro. The big cooldown “Army of the dead” should always used by yourself. DeathStrike and all the defensive cooldowns is also situational.

Of course some trinkets or items should be added by yourselves. Have fun with the macros.

where is the best place in the macro to place Death Strike?

Hi james,

you can put death strike with another modifier in the pre-macro section and use when needed.

Thanks I now have it on shift mod

I put mine under “KeyPress” like this: /cast [mod:shift] Death Strike
But for some reason it doesnt work.

Then i tried to add ; [mod:shift] Death Strike after the long castsequence ending with Scourge Strike cuz i friend recommend me but doesnt work very good either.

Please help me on how to optimize the use of Death Strike. Thanks in advance

put /cast [mod:shift] Death Strike in the same field where the other mod for apocalype is. make sure that shift is not used by something else