MMA Unholy Raid/M+ Update 20.12.23

thanks, the logic is more or less the same. basic rotation and cooldowns on seperate macro

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Nice, Yeah i made a couple changes.

I use F12 for my AOE spam, and F11 for my ST Spam.
I split the shortterm and longterm CD’s into 2 seperate macros
I set Shift-F12 and Shift-F11 to do Shortterm CD’s (Apoc/Dark Trans/Unholy Blight)
I Set Control-F12 and Control-F11 to do LongTerm CD’s (Unholy Assault/Abomb Limb/Empower Rune Weapon/Summon Gargoyle)
Set Alt-F12 and Alt-F11 to use Soulreaper macro.

Also added into each macro a Variable to auto summon pet, send pets to attack, and a mouseover Raise Ally for BRezing.


Question tho, do you switch talent builds for raid trash?

not really, i dont raid on a professional level

I do unless its going to be super quick trash. Like I wouldn’t between Gnarlroot and Igara, but I would after Igara until Volocross.