[Mod] Problems Please help me understand ! This is a GSE / WOW issue not pc

I have one for you all please help me understand . I have multiple characters and I cannot get mod shift alt ctrl to work on any of them EXCEPT 1 . My warrior all mods work fine . I have reset all the key binds i have copied the warrior macro made different for rogue nothing works . In Dragonflight without the mods I cannot get this addon to work for the game . Please any help this is very frustrating . The only think I know is that my Warrior macro is an old one that when GSE upgraded it converted everything for me . All of my other macros are new .

Secondly KeyPress in my macro anywhere it just repeats in /say Keypress over and over .

Very simple macro im trying to get to work


If your mods don’t work there are two possibilities. First is the keybind you are trying to use is bound. Unless you find and unbind it it will never be available. Note keybinds can be in any mod and are not limited to WoW’s Keybind section also a bind on the shift key will prevent say shift + 1 from working. The second possibility is you have the mod line after an unmodded line in the order within your action and the unmodded line is blocking the mod line. The vertical order of commands within an action matters.

As for the second if your macro is saying KeyPress over and over - you have a reference to a variable in your actions but no matching variable . You need to either create the variable or remove the references from your actions.

Thanks for the reply ill look into it .

So after messing with it extensively . I now have shift working but if I try to mod in Alt the macro just freezes and nothing happens .