MOD Shift Alt or Ctrl

I was wondering if someone could make a quick video on exactly what you did to get Mod keys to work… Ive deleted every ctrl, alt and shift in keybinds I even reset keybinds in GSE… I have even went as far as doing a fresh install of addons with only leaving GSE active and still cant get it to work

How are you currently writing the function and where are you placing it?
or something else I thought of, how are you spamming the macro? are you clicking the macro by hand or using a programmable mouse? I use a Razer mouse and programmed it to repeat the macro at 100 milliseconds. I can toggle it on or off and just hit the modifier and it goes off

For an example in the Key press box I will have stuff like
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

/use [mod:shift] Expose Armor
/use [mod:ctrl] Kick
/use [mod:alt] do a front roll

Just remove my rogue spells and insert what you want to use

that didnt work either I dont know what else to do

cleared keybinds in GSE and in wow client

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what key are you specifically using Alt | Ctrl | Shift

I noticed a wow bug with alt key sometimes its acts stuck when its not. The fix I do is just hit the alt hit a few time like 4-5 and it brings it back to normal (In-Game no windows open). Its happened to me on 2 different comps and 3 different keyboards. Also make sure Sticky keys isn’t on by mistake. Last part and this one is a bit unusual but some bios make it that there is an option to not have to hold Alt when using Alt + F keys. Go into you bios and make sure you don’t have this option checked. If its check or on you want it off(you want to hold alt manually) @Thanks to RedRuby over at Wow US Forums for that one. That one fixed it permanently for me.

I would like to just use Shift and Ctrl … Ive even tried using other keys and still no go

Ill try the stuff you mentioned.

Thanks for the help

could it be my AHK script?

I went to GSE’s options and selected to unbind the default action keys and things from then on “just worked”.

that usually does it for my i hit both unbind and update

This has also been driving me crazy. The modifiers do not work on my laptop OR my PC, which I find odd. I am looking to just get the ALT key to work, as a trial. I went through all my keybinds, and there are no ALT+n. I went in the /gs macro options and, under MACRO RESET, clicked the CLEAR KEYBINDINGS button. This did not do anything. On the same page are check boxes for various modifier keys. Are they supposed to be turned on, or off? BTW, I am using the L-ALT key, and have tried clicking it both on and off. I am doing my trials with the Lutechi Frost Mage Macro and trying to get proc’ed Flurry and Ice Lance to fire when holding the ALT key, but watching the Details Damage scroll screen on a target dummy and the spells NEVER fire when holding ALT. This is extremely frustrating. The friend who turned me on to macros and this website has the same exact problem, and he just removes the modifier code from every macro he uses and clicks himmself. The modifiers are an excellent option, but why won’t they work? Is there nothing else I can try?

Why is the sky blue? It is a useless question. The question you need to be asking is why does this work for everyone else and not for me. What do I have that is different that is breaking this compared to everyone else. I can’t answer that for you you will need to work it out at your end because it is unique to your situation.

If WoW is not recognising your mods - there are two possibilities and only 3 possibilities. Either you have a key binding registered (keybinds take precedence over macros and you said you clicked the button that forcibly clears any keybindings), your keyboard or keyboard control clicker software is not sending Shift/control or alt to WoW or you have a fault with your WoW client. There are no other reasons

The other selections there are on the tab marked “Macro Reset” might give a hint as to what they will do if you select them.

@Laserbeam Check the language of your keyboard on windows. I am using a Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard and within the keyboard setting, right ctrl doesn’t exist. So I have to change the keyboard language to English (US) to make all my modifiers work. Took me a while to figure this one out, but just putting out there an other possibility (if for some reason your keyboard language is not set to English (US)). Good luck.