Mod:shift doesnt work

Hey there,
im using a own modified Version of Lutechi’s Firemage where i did change his modifiers for AoE(now ctrl) and Pyro(alt). I tested it on a Character without anykind of Keybinds (deleted every Keybind Ingame except WASD for moving and Num8(Macro). Now my problem is as far i use the macro mod:alt and mod:ctrl work without anykind of problem but when i use the mod:shift modifier the macro literally goes into a “pause” state where it doesn’t continue running the macro. But when i manually click Num8 while pressing Shift it does work. Im using Razer Synapse for the Num8 Macro where it is set to Continuous playback till i press the Key again.

I hope someone can help me :c

Shift is perhaps bound to something within an addon?

check your wow keybinds, start with pet bar

as i already said i removed every keybind ingame…

i just have GSE active as Addon

You can try re-installing mouse/keyboard drivers.

Do you use some sort of overlay like the one from Nvidia? Maybe that is blocking it?

Is there a /cast [nomod] in the macro?
Could you post your macro?

i dont use Nvidia Experience because its trash :stuck_out_tongue:

as i said use Lutechi’s Fire Mage (Lutechi's Fire Macro (Works With Any Talents)) just removed the Heartessence modifier because i press it manually and changed the AoE Macro from mod:shift to mod:ctrl because it did not work on shift but on CTRL it works without anykind of problems

i really dont know anymore then…