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Talents: 2122211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.51.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Kill Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Steady Shot

KeyPress: Kill Shot, Revive Pet, Multi-Shot, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Flayed Shot, Kill Shot, Steady Shot, Bestial Wrath

Post Macro: Kill Shot

Made for VENTHYR BM! Or you can simply edit the SHIFT bind to change the covenant spell name :slight_smile:

Press SHIFT for Cooldowns/Burst
Press ALT for AOE
Press CTRL for Kill Shot (its automatic, but just to prioritize it in rotation asap)

Aspect of the Wild is on separate bind.

PS! I’m running this on 10MS :slight_smile:

Impossible with a macro. You’d need 100% parse and perfect play. Sims run at 100% every skill being hit perfectly, at the perfect time. Using the perfect skills to get out of mechanics, and damage through etc. Sims assume 100% uptime, not dealing with mechanics, no getting out of the red.

Please change the title, thanks.

So I sim out at almost 5k in BM with Venthyr and the Feign Death Legendary and this macro does at most 2.4k DPS literally unloading EVERYTHING. Flayed shot never fires off at all so some tweaks are def needed.


Are you actually reading what I wrote? Flayed is on separate keybind.

I run this macro simming 4k dps and doing 4k dps on a dummy, warmode off, UNBUFFED. If you can’t figure out the basics, then its hopeless for you.

Also, you cant sim 5k dps w/o raid buffs as BM. And you dont have raid buffs on dummy. You really need to learn how to use simbots, how to parse and how to use GSE.

And you parse the macros on dummies, which can get you 99% sim dps almost always if done correctly. You dont deal with mechanics on dummies?

not true…I sim @ 6.8k / 215 ilvl…no buffs, no food / flask / potions

Did I read this right 10ms? if so then just don’t please. Nothing should be run at 10ms - just my 2 cents.


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This has been discussed extensively before, why are you contradicting common knowledge? You can easily run anything on 10ms and its not against ToS…

Seems legit. 30 sec sims don’t count btw

where do you get a 30 sec sim?…I needed that this morning…5 minute sims are the norm.

Running @10ms will cause the macro to skip over spells…THAT has been proven.

btw -

Raidbots - 7549dps simmed

Ask Mr Robot - 6875dps

5min sim, no buffs / food / potions / flask