Modifier issues once Punch Key /AHK is running

Hi All

Im at my wits end here with this and hoping someone knows whats going on.

When i run my AHK/Punchkey activation Key (Key 2) its works fine, key repeats fine macro and sequence fires as expected.
However if i try to use modifiers (Alt/Shift/Ctrl) nothing happen if AHK/Punchkey is already active… Now if I hold one of the modifiers and press the activation key (Key 2) it doesnt see it as an activation of key 2 or if i press say Left Shift while AHK/Punchkey is running nothing happens.

If i fire it manually I.e pressing 2 and adding Lshift+2 it works fine.

do you use ElvUI? if so then that is what is causing the issue. if not then hopfully someone else has a answer.