Modifier Key Question Fyr'alath

is it possible to use two abilities with one modifier key? I want to use the dk abomination limb and the legendary weapon with a macro, is that possible?

/use [mod:ctrl] Fyr’alath the Dreamrender, abomination limb
doesn’t work


you type /use only for slots and not for spells. Since you have both types, you cannot use a castsequence.

My solution is to create a seperate macro called for example DPS that will look like this:

/use 16
/cast Abomination Limb

Then in your main macro you put:
/click [mod:ctrl] DPS

There is an even simpler solution that doesn’t require chaining macros.

Each action is its own thing. You don’t have to put the same variables in each action. For example you could have a KP1 variable that does the Limb and and a KP2 variable that does your Fyr’alath the Dreamrender and on odd actions put KP1 and even blocks put KP2.