Modifiers in GSE 3

HI. I have just come back to the game after a long break and have downloaded the new version of GSE. I have one question where now would be the best place to fit in modifiers? Thanks


I hope it can help you:

On the Discord server, a few months ago, Bowdacious asked this:

Perhaps a strange question, as I look at the new config and ways to use it.

Is it possible to have a mod on an entire loop? I was thinking about something like this (not sure how practical this is), for example:

  • 1 loop for single target
  • 1 loop for multi target
  • if I hold down shift, it only fires multi target loop but not single target loop

I seem to remember a mod command to not fire a line if a mod is used - not sure if that is still used?

If this possible, just point me in the general direction and I can figure it out.

Here was my answer:

Hi Bowdacious. Here is how I do it:

I have several macros: one for my buffs, one for spells that slow ennemies down, one for AOEs and one main Rotation macro.

In my AA5_Rotation macro, I added a variable named “KeyPress” (it could be any other name) with inside:

/click [mod:alt] AA1_BUFFS
/click [mod:ctrl] AA2_SLOWDOWNS
/click [mod:shift] AA3_AOE

As you can notice on the screenshot bellow, I added ~~KeyPress~~ in each block, this way, GSE can “detect” if I press these modifier keys first.

These lines (in my variable) call other macros when I press the corresponding modifiers keys.

I guess (I hope) it’s clearer with these screenshots and explanations.

Hi. Thanks for the reply so for flash of light I would have something like this /click [ mod:alt] flash of light

It really depends. In GSE2 you had a one size fits all variable called KeyPress and KeyRelease. In GSE3 you have choice. Do you actually want to put your mod on every line? (In a lot of cases this is actually not desirable if your aim is to min/max dps.) If so add it to the top of each action block. If you have more than one line to add the create a variable and put the variable reference at the top of each action block.

A better outcome is to place it at the top of the action blocks where it actually makes sense to have it there rather than everywhere.