Molar-Havok Beta as of 10/15 - updated talents



Talents: BEkArd0h4+xNnkpsk50e2Tb56jEIhUCSLJJRiABAAAAAAgkEEpEJJkISaoIRkkkE

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.09-PatronPreview.
I updated talents a bit to emphasize being in demon form more and dps is slightly better with more uptime in demon form.
200 MS time
On use trinkets are turned on, even though testing was performed without any trinkets

Averaging about 20k Single target at 367 ilvl. with 4 piece set bonus.
Annihilation is top DPS, because i was able to stay in demon form over 50% of the time over just around 9:30 mins


addon error lua were i can get beta addon please

On Tim’s Patreon as a subscriber.

With regards to pre-patch, I have been running these talents:


only getting around 13k average on M+. Item Level is 289.

I also had to adjust the macro to make it work.

/click [button:1] MOLAR-HAVOK RightButton; [button:3] MOLAR-HAVOK MiddleButton; [button:4] MOLAR-HAVOK Button4; [button:5] MOLAR-HAVOK Button5; MOLAR-HAVOK


edited to add the hunt back in to the talents

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When will be the public release for the addon please ?

there are no more set bonuses

Anything after GSE-3.1.11 is for pre-patch 10.0.0.

The original author was on Beta at level 70, using the new tier set.


I am missing some lvl still but its a help

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would you mind sharing your work around on the macro you are using please?

i am getting lotta spam in chat , KeyPress over n over cant seem to find the problem

I haven’t loaded this macro, but if you have an undefined variable in the rotation, it will spam it in chat. Did you edit the macro after importing it?

Look for ~~KeyPress~~ in any blocks and delete those.

thanks that worked for me !

This is really good ty!

/castsequence [nochanneling] Felblade, Chaos Strike doesnt seem to work just shows ? icon

so the only way to have a beta addon work is to pay now?

Works really good! but how do i add a Alt/CTRL mod on it to use meta?

For the talents
I get “error: the loadout you are trying to import is out of date”

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I am getting the same message