Molar- VDH SIGILS build for Massive DPS in M+



Talents: 2213222

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.37.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Soul Cleave, Metamorphosis

Main Sequence: Fiery Brand, Fracture, Elysian Decree, Soul Cleave, Fel Devastation, Demon Spikes, Immolation Aura

Post Macro: Soul Cleave

What ms are you running this at?

this is part of the macro

$$/cast [nochanneling] Разлом
$$/cast [nochannelling] Раскалывание душ
$$/cast [@player, nochanneling] Элизийский декрет
$$/cast [nochanneling] Обжигающий жар
$$/cast [nochanneling] Демонические шипы
$$/cast [nochannelling] Раскалывание душ

at the beginning of each line of dollar signs
macro doesn’t work (

you need to update GSSE. you need the $$ at the front because of the skill database table changes in 9.0.2 this is explained in the tech support article. i dont know how that will affect anyone in a diff language

Just delete all $$ and it works

How well does this build work anymore now that Blizzard has nerfed Razelikh’s Defilement - it now only reduces a random sigil by 8secs or Elysian Decree by 2 seconds.

According to blood mallet this Lego is still #2 on the DPS chart for single target if you are Vengeance. The only lego that can out perform it is Judgement of the Arbiter, but the performance of JotA is best if you have Multiple Kyrians in the same party wearing that legendary as well.

AOE, still the best lego

What Ms is This Macro running?

Hello What MS you are running this Macro? I testet 100 MS but no good

I have been having to run this current version at 40 MS. i am working on a better one that will run at 100. Hope to have it soon.


Just wanted to say I have this a try @MolarMacros and it does pretty well for the most part. The only thing I notice, and this just isn’t with your macro it’s with others I try as well. I feel like I sit at max Fury for awhile and it doesn’t dump many soul cleaves to drop Fury.

My toon is 200ilvl
has 18% haste
11% vers,

Im not sure if setting Soul cleave on a seprate key to spam would be better or not. It hangs on to fury for awhile even with Fel Devastation up

It actually runs pretty good live, I just ran a +14 and it did pretty well. I sometimes added a manual soul cleave when i felt i was capped for 2 long other then that I would say out of all the ones I used this works the best man. Keep up the great work

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So i purposefully placed Soul Cleave on an alternate key press. if you hold shift while hitting your macro key, you will only use soul cleave.

When i get to a point with too much fury, i press SHIFT, and it spams all my soul cleaves.

I saw you use manual soul cleave(second post) and its essentially the same as an alternate key press.

I see that now haha, Honestly man this works great… I feel like its a finished product. I been running higher keys with NO issues at all.

This is refusing to load in the latest version of GSE? Seems to import but not show in the list of available macros :frowning:

I just tried deleting and reimporting the macro again. Worked without an incident. Running on 2.6.37. Make sure you arent stuck in combat when attempting to import

using GSE version 2.6.37 and tried to import it again and it came up with the “replace/merge” thing but on replacing it nothing shows in available macros. This warning is in the chat window:
WARNING ONLY: Sequence Named MOLAR-SIGILS-BUILD was not specifically designed for this version of the game. It may need adjustments. ?

I just updated the macro to be exported with 2.6.37, nothing changed. it gives that warning in case something doesnt work right, but as you can see many are using it and enjoying it.

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