Moonkin Leveling Macro 10/17

Edit: Reworked the macro to be able to use most talents at any lvl. Read my coments in the macro for more Information
Works best when using Auto Hot Key or another button spammer. Im using AHK at 100 ms.

Running a new druid on another server so made this macro to get some fast damage. works while running as long as you have lvl 15 talent Warrior of Elune and have at least 1of the 3 stacks buff on you. Added 1 line to macro now wroks right from lvl 1.

Sequences['DreamKin_lvling'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.02.
  Talents = "up to lvl 74 213?---  /75+ 313?113",
  Help = [[lvl 1-74 use 213?--- gives you more burst dew to instant Lunar Strikes.
lvl 75+ use 313?113
You may also feel free to mix it up the only talents I don't include in this macro is the lvl 30,60 and lvl100 Fury of Elune
lvl 90 Blessing of the Ancients is a buff that you chose between one or the other.
IF your are wondering about the "Druids Go Boom" It just replaces a "Null " statment that stops the sequence.]],
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Priority",
        "/targetenemy [noharm][dead]",
        "/cast [stance:0/1/2/3/5] Moonkin Form",
        "/castsequence  reset=target  Moonfire, Sunfire, Stellar Flare, Druids Go Boom",
        "/cast Warrior of Elune",
        "/cast Celestial Alignment",
        "/cast Astral Communion",
        "/cast Starsurge",
        "/cast New Moon",
        "/castsequence  reset=target  Lunar Strike, Solar Wrath, Solar Wrath",
        "/castsequence [@cursor] Starfall, Moonfire, Sunfire",
        "/cast Solar Wrath",