Moon's Havoc DH -- Includes Sigil of Flame, The Hunt and Sinful Brand

Hi All

Below is my take on Havoc Demon Hunters, the macro is optimized and flows well well for both Single Target and AOE but really built more for AOE. The talent code is in the macro description.

v1 - DF Update – Includes Sigil of Flame and Sinful Brand
v2 - Improved Rotation



GSE Code


Usage Information

Run at 100 ms if you have hardware emulation (iCUE, Logitch G-Hub, Synapse), otherwise run at 250 ms (AHK)

ALT:- The Hunt
SHIFT:- For Metamorphosis

Macro has Sigil of Flame baked in at the player, if you have the talent thatputs Sigil of Flame at the target, remove @player in the edit options. Sinful Brand also added to the macro if your Venthyr.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.18.

Thanks for your work. Do you mind also posting the code for your talents? Cheers

Done - it’s in the OP, I also updated the rotation on it too.

i get this when i import this. i ahve the latest GSE that Tim put out on his Discord.

That is odd I exported it with GSE 3118.

Another great macro - this works well, flows and has really good dps. I did take out the eye beam as I like to control that but everything else works great! Appreciate your work, Moon!

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Thanks, Clip - I’m with you there, I might do the same eventually. This took a long time to develop because of so many issues with Demon Hunters currently with some of their talents. I will say “The Hunt” hits like a truck!

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Yes it does and the single target damage is good here as well which is not usually a strongpoint with the DH. Love the macro - have played with the DH last 2 days and had a blast!

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I’m a idiot. i didnt know (because i was to lazy to read) that the newest GSE was on curse and not on Tim’s Discord. its all find now.

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i was getting the update error too, but the only thing i had to do was to update (!) gse through CurseForge and now it’s working.

Another thing… About that:

Run at 100 ms if you have hardware emulation (iCUE, Logitch G-Hub, Synapse), otherwise run at 250 ms (AHK)

Do you guys know if logitech mouses using Logitech Gaming Software counts as, indeed, a software? I never had a problem with it running at 100ms, but i’m a little in doubt now.

Hi Agaru

Let me explain. Software emulation is where a piece of software controls the hardware in a fake manner. This is what Auto Hot Key does, Hardware emulation though is software that controls the hardware but is built by a specific manufacturer like Logitech.

Auto Hot Key, from my understanding of it, will treat your keyboard like a generic keyboard, and control movements, and abilities by holding down generic keys. Unlike Logitech and others which usually have dedicated macro keys on the left side of the keyboard that can run the macros effectively.

So as long as you have Logitech G Hub Software you can customize the hardware emulation there like the click rate, the polling rate, and if you want to run the macro as a toggle or as a hold.

In G Hub you wan to set the delay between actions at 100 ms, and also the behavior like hold down, toggle, etc. I like Toggle because it allows me to freely move my character around and get out of stuff.

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