Morb DW Unholy no Scourge Strike updated 10/7/2023 ////// Scourge Strike test added

Id suggest trying the dual wield scourge strike macro i made. Dw and 2h scourge follow the same rotation if i recall, its only difference are the talent point allocations for dual wield vs using a 2hander. Give it a whirl it may meet your expectations and or needs!

From how i understand it dual wield does outperform 2h as long as you have the gear if you dont and are better geared towards 2h stick with 2h until you can make the swap!

And thank you! I enjoy seeing you guys having a blast with the macro!

Dw is 10% higher dmg output than 2hder.

2hders are used for pvp. Consider me jelly :p.

Edit: for future purposes this is also true for shadowmorn being worse than the 1hder equiv by a considerable margin unless they tweak the ilvl considerabily.

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How did the scourge strike variant of my macro work for you with your new axe?

i had issues with the scrouge strike version. diseases are falling off and such. it’s set as seqeuntial.

I’ll take a look at it. I know it’s still a work in progress on my end but I’ll work on perfecting it as it’s overdue for an update from me.

I’ll post the update this weekend after I have some time to retest some ideas


@oust I already knew that but thx for your your comment, most people that are on this threat heard/viewed the video of whitewolf and all the simulation he did. I just asked @sargis for ideas for a 2h macro since I was rolling both spec for unholy and wanted to test in game. Trust me I spent allot of time running sims WoWSims - Wrath of the Lich King

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@sargis it is hit or miss depending the boss fight. I continue to roll dw and the 226ilvl axe just for off tanking

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i see, were you trying to unholy tank if you dont mind me asking? Just doing some prying so that maybe i can build something based on your needs or requirements that fits 2hander better than what i have currently posted in the current macros

i think this sunday there is a stream between both fonsas and whitewolf for Q & A and all things related to DKS. Not sure on the exact time as they are both on different time zones as well for the video meeting that is being streamed. Ill try to watch it and see what i can learn and perhaps revamp some of these macros I’ve made with yalls help.

I just went with the standard 2h blood tank build, nothing special, you already did allot for the community my friend. I was just trying to experience both unholy dps spec 2/h/1h myself. Right now I’m parsing blue/green with an ilvl of 211 in most bosses fight probably my ms of 100 on corsair software is wrong and should go with 250ms as you recommended.

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Can you make a second macro so i can just press another button and it will do pestilence instead of holding shift?

The macro without pestilence? The pestilence line can be removed. But sure I can upload a sequence number 6 that does not have pestilence

I want to spam 1 for single and 2 for aoe

Ok not a problem, I’ve been a tad behind with family and holidays but ill be back it afterwards!

Anyone perfect the MS that works best ( i find too fast = hard to fit in pestilence and too slow a bit lagging on dps). Also should the rotation not be always debuffs then DND instead of DND first seeing videos? Amazing work bud this truly has helped me get into dk more!

really only thing for AOE is pestilence to spread the diseases, main aoe is already in the Single Target macro which is required for that DPS too (DnD). 2nd button would be literally just pestilence.

Agreed, I used run at 250ms then down to 200ms seems little better. you will need tweak between 200-250ms

@sargis - I wonder can you create a Unholy 2h weapon since I built my DK as blood spec 2h and got enough Brutal geared and wanted try unholy with understanding using 2h weapon since i see you create a dual weapon. so I asked to see if you can make a macro for unholy with 2h weapon.

I’ve actually just got back in town this week. I can definitely work on a 2h unholy. It shares the same rotation as dual wield scourge unholy. I’ve actually been working on this bit by bit and will possibly post an update to the variant this week for everyone.

I did raid as scourge strike dk mostly yesterday testing some things within what i currently have made. I’ll keep yall posted

first week without greatness i got all purples as morb and found it fun - RNG with snapshot. Hopefully once greatness get into the high 90s. 2x hailstorm so far. Also i’m swapping black magic to start which works well

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