more help

how about telling us the glyphs and trinkets your friends use or you advise and if talent tree is drifrent to wow populars most used spec and maybe for us real unsure people what is recomended to reforge to and from. thanks for making wow playable again for an old man

You are welcome, I been thinking about it since started the site but because there are other websites that does glyphs and specs so I left it out. One of them is, I will try to put something and hopefully doesn’t get messy because of so many combinations available.

Hey guys…first of all,I’m glad to the continuing effort and the work that’s done by all the contributors here.Yet and it has been the major reason for joining this forum that during the last 2 patches there been a lively debate on the working of macro’s with display of snippets of partly finished macros.My question to you all would be:

Please offer us a complete macro which can be usable without us,have to guess how a macro might look while reading back on a topic.

It might be somewhat repetitive to some of you but it would help me use the offered macro as a usable item.

my dear friend

mop is out like 1 week and by saying this i believe we have offered quite some working macros.

so far the working macros i can think of cause nobody has posted something else is:

shaman: elemental

warlock: destruction

priest: shadow

hunter: marksman

druid: balance

those are macros we have tested and seems to work decent enough to be called usable.

still many people here have and are putting time and effort to make the best macro possible.

whether u can use the macros or not is one other issue

so unless u are looking for something specific read the forums to see what works for u

i do not get the part of < can be usable without us >

auto cast macros are not possible and if u find something u will get banned cause blizz forbids it .

and since u say you can figure out how a macro should be u are very welcome to post one of your own in the class forums.

putting pressure on others to make something u will use for free is at least not fair.

plus the fact that we contribute cause we WANT to not cause we HAVE to.

we do not get paid or anything like that.

that been said enjoy the macros on the site test them and if they work for u fine.

if they don’t and u want to make a better one feel free to post it